Hai Education

Seamless Transition

Simplify your relocation and focus on savoring this exciting new chapter. Hai Education's comprehensive services handle every aspect, from housing to culture, freeing you to embrace the joy of Finnish life.

Finding Your Perfect Finnish Home


Tailored Housing Solutions

Nestled in nature, city chic, or a cozy cabin – we find your ideal fit.

Expert Search and Support

From budget to final lease, we guide you every step of the way.

Stress-Free Relocation

Settle in comfortably and focus on what matters most – your new life.

Education Made Easy for Your Family


School Admissions Assistance

Unravel the Finnish system and confidently enroll your children.

Comprehensive Information and Guidance

We make navigating the educational landscape a breeze.

Smooth Transition for Your Kids

Ensure their academic journey starts with ease and confidence.

Settling In Without the Hassle


Streamlined Settling-In Services

Bank accounts, local registrations – we handle the practicalities.

Bureaucracy Made Simple

Let us deal with paperwork, you focus on acclimating to your new surroundings.

Stress-Free Everyday Life

Enjoy living in Finland without the burden of administrative hurdles.

Embracing the Finnish Vibe


Immerse Yourself in Finnish Culture

Go beyond adaptation, become part of the vibrant tapestry.


Local Connections and Cultural Events

Discover what makes Finland special through genuine experiences.

Thrive as Part of the Community

Embrace customs, traditions, and the Finnish way of life.


Hai Education empowers you to not just exist in Finland, but thrive. Choose us and embark on a joyful, unburdened Finnish adventure.