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Finland Education System

Equity" is the key theme that is emphasized in Finnish education system, from early schooling till University graduation. The focus is on self-improvement and self-development through learning.

Students are encouraged to develop individual action plans to help them in their educational journey. In fact, their no national evaluation during basic school-level education, unlike many other systems across the world.

This shows Finland's emphasis on developing "better human beings" rather than "competitive performers" in the future.

Why should you study in Finland?

Finland is the perfect example of 'good things come in small packages', as far as education goes. Despite of being a relatively small-sized country, Finland offers some highly praiseworthy benefits as follows:

1) 2 years post graduation job searching residence permit.
2) Affordable tuition fees.
3) IELTS is not mandatory in most cases.
4) Easy to get permanent residency and Citizenship compare to other EU countries.


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